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Time Management Skills
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One Day Business Writing
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"Most new jobs won’t come from our biggest employers. They will come from our smallest. We’ve got to do everything we can to make entrepreneurial dreams a reality."
Ross Perot

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Training Workshops of America has over 25 highly successful years of experience in strategic sales training, management/leadership training, negotiation training, customer service training, and presentation training. As a result of our successes we can help give your employees the skills and knowledge to perform their jobs effectively — and to solve business issues impacting your company's profits.

Introduction to Sales Training Workshop
Due to the complexity of selling today, new sales force personnel require a creative easy to use problem-solving approach to fulfilling their customer’s needs in a value-added manner. This fundamental approach differentiates a company’s products and services from its competitors by creating practical enhancements to their customer’s business.    ...more

Exceptional Customer Service Training Workshop
Our managing customer service training seminars, workshops and courses are skill based and practice driven. The classes will increase your staff's effectiveness in properly dealing with your customers. Our goal is to help you develop, maintain, and expand your business by maintaining your present client base while satisfying the needs of new customers you interact with.      ...more

Leadership Coaching Skills Workshop
articipants will learn to lead, coach and be an integral part of their work team. Strategic tools for improving team effectiveness are learned and practiced in this hands-on workshop. The way managers supervise and coach their employees will significantly effect their performance and job satisfaction.      ...more

Essential Negotiation Skills Workshop
Individuals throughout every level of a corporation, small business, non-profit or other organization are constantly called upon to take part in negotiations on behalf of their organizations. Business professionals must deal with customers, vendors, partners and internal colleagues on a regular basis.      ...more

Exceptional Presentation Training Workshop
Welcome to the most comprehensive and individualized presentation skills program in the training industry. Whether you are new to presenting and are overwhelmed with anxiety simply at the thought of speaking before an audience or are an experienced presenter looking to improve your individual presenting skills, the Exceptional Presentation Skills Training workshop is for you.     ...more

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Customer Service

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Corporate Training Quotes
"That some should be rich, shows that others may become rich, and,
hence, is just encouragement to industry and enterprise."

"We must not promise what we ought not, lest we be
called on to perform what we cannot."
Abraham Lincoln

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